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Garth Jones

March 2007 - Posts

  • Thermal State

    Last week I enable a few attributes within the Computer System Class.


    Today I am looking at the ThermalState mostly because I want to see what my new server has to say.


    SELECT          Case GS.ThermalState0

                when 1 then 'Other'

                when 2 then 'Unknown'

                when 3 then 'Safe'

                when 4 then 'Warning'

                when 5 then 'Critical'

                when 6 then 'Non-recoverable'

                else 'Not Defined' end AS 'Thermal State',

                Count('Thermal State') AS 'Count'

    FROM             v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM GS

    GROUP BY GS.ThermalState0

    Order by 'Thermal State'
  • Win32_Bios aka PC Bios

    Just like the Computer System class I enable all attributes of this class. These are the attributes that I enabled.


















    With the information included in the article, we should get some interesting information from our systems.


  • Hottest ticket in San Deigo - Part 2

    On Monday there we a lot of people who did not get a button to the MIF party! On Tuesday MS release more buttons and Ron and I came up with the idea to have people sign up on a waiting list by picking number and signing up against that number and we use a random number generator to pick 40 numbers and when you sign up if you picked one of those number you won a badge!


    Since I was manning booth before the party I had A LOT of people asking for a button and I had one button for one someone getting an award. So we agreed that if they did not pick it up by 5 o’clock that we would give it away then.


    It was very nice to see that a few people who for many reason decided that they could not go to the party decided to hand in / or pass on they button to other so that they could attend. I was there when Duncan gave his away to a first time MMS attendee, Monica Waterhouse gave me her button, and a 1 other stop by the booth and give me their button that they were not going to use. However John did come by and pick up he button.


    Throughout out the day I had a few people continually stop by the booth asking for buttons and I kept telling them to come back at 5 o’clock.


    At 5 o’clock we had a group of people waiting for buttons. Anthony and I got ready and we use the same random number generator to draw the 2 buttons that we had at 5.


    At 5:26 or so, a nice lady walks up to the booth and asked for a button, she told me how everyone else from her group had gotten a button and she was not luck enough to get one. It was hard to tell her that I just had not buttons left to give her. As she started to walk away from the booth a guy walked and gives me a button that he was not going to use. I called the lady back and give it to her! She was very happy and had a smile from ear to ear. 

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  • Hottest ticket in San Deigo

    On Monday night I was helping out at the SMS Expert booth and I got to witness the on slot of people trying to get buttons to the myITForum party. The funny part about this was to see the reaction of the other vendors trying to figure out why there was a mad rush to the MIF booth!


    On Tuesday I manned the MIF booth from 2 until 5:30 aka the start of the party so that Megan, Rod, Ron, April, et al could setup for the party. During that time it was a little quite and a few vendors came over to me to ask what the deal about Monday night was. I told them about the Community and all of them wanted to know about sponsorship, since I am not the right person to talk to about that I told them to talk to the Megan or Rod about that but it was funny to see the vendor reaction to find out that I was just one member of the community helping out.

    Posted Mar 29 2007, 03:18 PM by Garth with no comments
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  • Bootup State

    This query will show you the state in which each PC Booted. The normal options are:

    "Normal boot"
    "Fail-safe boot"
    "Fail-safe with network boot"


    Based on the Win32_computer_system class:





    v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.BootupState0 AS 'Boot State'




  • Chassis Bootup State

    Last week I enable a few attributes within the Computer System Class.


    Going along the same theme as last few days Lets look at the Chassis Bootup State.


    SELECT          Case GS.ChassisBootupState0

                when 1 then 'Other'

                when 2 then 'Unknown'

                when 3 then 'Safes'

                when 4 then 'Warning'

                when 5 then 'Critical'

                when 6 then 'Non-recoverable'

                else 'Not Defined' end AS 'Chassis Bootup State',

                Count('Chassis Bootup State') AS 'Count'

    FROM             v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM GS

    GROUP BY GS.ChassisBootupState0

    Order by 'Chassis Bootup State'

  • What is in Ed’s Purse!

    On Sunday Ed had his red purse and he showed me the contents of his purse.


    -          Cigar

    -          Cigar cutter

    -          Lighter

    -          Room key

    Posted Mar 28 2007, 09:26 AM by Garth with no comments
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  • Wake Up Type

    Last week I enable a few attributes within the Computer System Class.


    Over the past several months there has been a lot of talk about “Wake on Lan”. This query will show how every PCs was booted at it last hardware inventory.



    SELECT          Case GS.WakeUpType0

                when 0 then 'Reserved'

                when 1 then 'Other'

                when 2 then 'Unknown'

                when 3 then 'APM Timer'

                when 4 then 'Modem Ring'

                when 5 then 'LAN Remote'

                when 6 then 'Power Switch'

                when 7 then 'PCI PME#'

                when 8 then 'AC Power Restored'

                else 'Not Defined' end AS 'Wake Up Type',

                Count('Wake Up Type') AS 'Count'

    FROM             v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM GS

    GROUP BY GS.WakeUpType0

    Order by 'Wake Up Type'

  • Auto Reboot

    This query will show you which PCs are set to automatically reboot. Based on the Win32_computer_system class:



    SELECT          v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.Name0 AS 'PC Name',

                v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.UserName0 AS 'User ID',

                Case v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.AutomaticResetBootOption0

                When 1 then 'True'

                When 0 then 'False'

                Else 'Unknown' end AS 'Auto Reboot'



  • Admin Password Status

    In one of my previous blogs, I enable a few attributes within the Computer System Class.


    Lets look at the Admin Password Status.



    Data type: uint16
    Access type: Read-only

    System hardware security settings for administrator password status.








    Not Implemented





    SELECT          Case GS.AdminPasswordStatus0

                when 1 then 'Disabled'

                when 2 then 'Enabled'

                when 3 then 'Not Implemented'

                when 4 then 'Unknown'

                else 'Not Defined' end AS 'Admin Password Status',

                Count('Admin Password Status') AS 'Count'

    FROM             v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM GS

    GROUP BY GS.AdminPasswordStatus0

    Order by 'Admin Password Status'

  • SMS Data and Who Should Have Access to It.

    While reading chapter 3 of “Pro SMS 2003” by Rod Kruetzfeld’s, Rod touched on one of items that I believe all SMS administrators should do.


    To quote Rod,

    “IT Management: By all means, allow your IT Management access into your SMS 2003 environment. They can be your best proponent for such tools, especially when supplied with the ability to view queries and web reports. Create some customized reports that suit their specific needs, permits then access, and educate them on how to access these reports. I doubt very much that they will need to view anything else inside the SMS console.”


    I will refine this even farther. Give all IT Management, IT Security, Service Desk staff, and Back Office staff FULL access the SMS web reports. Since this is a read only web site they can do any harm to anything.


    With everything that I can do and add to the SMS web report such as the “SMS 2003 Web Reporting - Remote Tools Page version 3.21”, I really don’t need to have anyone access the SMS console except for the SMS Admins.


    What does it give them?

    • Provide them with access to real-time data.
    • Provide more self serve to access to data.
    • Give them a better understanding of what SMS can report on.


    And ultimately show the value of SMS.


    The one thing that I miss from the SMS 2.0 days is the ability to have two or more SMS Web reporting sites.


    In SMS 2.0 I had one fully public site that anyone could access the data within the SMS database, however they could not see any data about individual PCs. So they could see reports like:


    Count of PCs with Modems

    Count of Add / Remove products


    But a private site which required a network logon could see all reports within the public site and drill through to the underlying reports such as:

    List of PC that has Office 2003

    List of PC with internal modem installed.

  • Pro SMS 2003 Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 is titled “Installing and Configuring SMS 2003” Rod talks not only about those topics but provides some tips:

    • Troubleshooting
      • AD Schema
      • client installs
        • DNS
        • Admin$
        • IPC$
        • Remote registry server
        • Machine Startup scripts
    • Security setting
    • Bandwidth throttling
    • Hardware inventory Scheduling
    • DHCP and SMS 2003 will only collect data from MS DHCP and not a Unix DHCP sever.
    • Upgrading SMS 2.0 client to SMS 2003
    • Site Removal


    I couldn’t agree more with Rod on providing ACCESS TO SMS DATA! So much so that I will dedicate a blog post to just this topic!


    To summarize this chapter, there are a lot more tips on how to keep your SMS environment healthy than on how to set up your SMS environment. Therefore even if your SMS environment is already set up it is still worth reading this chapter.



    Rod’s Blog can be found at

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 1


    Where to purchase this book:

    For Canadian Blog readers:

    Save 34% on books over $25 at

    For USA Blog readers:


  • DST: did all of your PCs get the DTS patch applied?

    Here is a quick query to help you determine if all of your PCs moved over to DST.

    Remember that you need to enable the daylightineffect0 in the Win32_compuer_system class within sms_def.mof

    SELECT case GS.daylightineffect0
     when '1' then 'Yes'
     when '0' Then 'No'
     Else 'Unknown' end as 'Day light in Effect',
     Count('Day light in Effect') as 'Count'
    GROUP BY GS.daylightineffect0
    Order BY 'Day light in Effect'

    Not all of mine did.. Hum..

  • MMS 2007

    Well I’m off to MMS today. Hopefully American Airline does not mess up this time and lose my luggage as they did the last time I flew with them. And let’s hope that I don’t sit on the tarmac in Chicago for 4 ½ hours again either. Otherwise I will never flight through Chicago again! I will pay extra to avoid such a disorganize airport, until January you would never have heard me say that Toronto was a good airport but compared to Chicago, Toronto is a dream!


    <RANT Mode ON>

    In this day and age there is not excuse for Chicago airport to not have de-icing stations on the tarmac instead of at the gate! If this was Mexico or Cancun where it almost never gets snows then I can understand a problem like this but Chicago gets snow all the time!


    To make matter worse I’m surprise that during my last ordeal January 21 neither American Airline nor United Airline seem to care that they have inconvenience a large number of people. Nor do they seem to recognize that Chicago airport as they are the source of the delays. Neither seems to realize that Chicago airport is directly affecting the profitability of both airlines and that they should boycott the airport until Chicago airport authority does something to fix this issue!


    After talking to a large number of people at the last MS Airlift / Conference, I was not surprised to find out that many people have had a bad experience with Chicago airport and most believe that the City of Chicago should be embarrassed to have such a bad airport that most people that I talked to avoid Chicago like the plague.

    <RANT Mode OFF>



  • Daily Blog

    When I started this Blog I intend to have one entry per day. As I review how well I have done I have noticed that I have holes in my blog.


    January 1, 17, 21, 22, 24

    February 23 Technically there was a blog entry here but there is a very log story as to why it is not there now.

    March 15, 16, 17, 18


    So my longest run with out holes is 49 days January 25th – March 14th.


    So I’m going to catch up by doing a few double posts each day. Also I have found out that you can pre-post some blog entries that will not get posted until a particular date and time. So in order to not miss my goal of one blog per day while I’m at MMS I am pre-posting. Keep in mind that if something good comes up at MMS a topic will get bumped until later.


    So by April 1 I need 91 posts and what I have in the queue is 87 + this one, which means I need to come up with 3 more posts.


    Listed in no particular order:

    • Chassis Bootup Status
    • Wakeup Type
    • Admin Password Status
    • 11 years
    • Thermal State
    • MMS 2007
    • One more reason to use…
    • DST
    • Pro SMS 2003 Chapter 3
    • SMS data and who should have access to it


    How about:

    • Win32_Bios aka PC Bios
    • Auto Reboot
    • Bootup State
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