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Garth Jones

August 2007 - Posts

  • Count of Primary Bus Type

    SELECT  MB.PrimaryBusType0,
     Count(MB.PrimaryBusType0) AS 'Count'
    GROUP BY MB.PrimaryBusType0
  • Vista E-Learning: 3 for $25 Expires 11/15/2007

    I saw thisdeal and thought that some of you might like it.


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  • Why do I need UPS?

    I’m working on a major project that requires me to have several Virtual Servers running at one time.


    Well today we had some thunderstorms that knock out the power for a short time. Well I was happy because I installed UPS’s every where!


    1 for the internet connect, router and network switches

    1 for old server + my laptop

    2 for my primary server

    1 for my home theater system


    Not once, but three times, the power when out and in every case my network, servers, workstation and internet connection still worked perfectly! Well mostly…


    When I bought the primary server I connect the UPS cables to the server via a small USB hub. I tested the load on each UPS by un-plugging the other UPS.  Everything worked fine. I even tested that it would shutdown the server before it ran out of power, simulate of course.


    Today on the second power outage, which was only about 8 seconds, my primary server shut it self down. Now I’m grateful that I didn’t “lose” any thing but I did learn two things!

    • Make sure that your setup the UPS software to not shut down your server when the power is lost for 8 second.
    • I need to tune the WaitToKillServerTimeout, it seem too long.


    I guest that I will have to add that to my list of things to do tomorrow.


  • Number of Microsoft Certified Professionals Worldwide

    Stats from Aug 20 2007

    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
    .NET Framework 2.0: Distributed Applications    2,955
    .NET Framework 2.0: Web Applications     8,155     
    .NET Framework 2.0: Windows Applications    4,960
    SQL Server 2005: Business Intelligence Development   210
    SQL Server 2005        18,336
    BizTalk Server 2006: Custom Applications    1,228
    Business Desktop Deployment Solution Accelerator 2.0   1,925
    Business Desktop Deployment with the BDD    928
    Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Configuration    875
    Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005   582 
    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Application Development 342
    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Configuration   1,608
    Microsoft Team Foundation Server: Configuration and Development  198
    Windows Mobile 5.0: Application Development    97
    Windows Mobile 5.0: Configuration     109
    Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Application Development   308
    Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Configuration    980
    Windows Vista: Configuration      4060

    Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)   73,658
    Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)
    Microsoft .NET        30,898
    Visual Studio 6.0        46,157

    Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)
    Enterprise Application Developer     2,166
    Web Developer        1,577
    Windows Developer       647

    Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)
    SQL Server 2000        147,435

    Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST)
    Windows XP        34,243

    Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)
    Business Intelligence Developer      102
    Consumer Support Technician      103
    Database Administrator       2,871
    Database Developer       1,122
    Enterprise Support Technician      853
    Enterprise Messaging Administrator     153

    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
    Windows Server 2003       85,853
    Windows 2000        288,111
    Windows NT 4.0        395,746

    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE): Messaging
    Windows Server 2003       7,815
    Windows 2000        8,630

    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE): Security
    Windows Server 2003       11,411
    Windows 2000        7,853

    Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)
    Windows Server 2003       132,509
    Windows 2000        145,582

    Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA): Messaging
    Windows Server 2003      45,290
    Windows 2000        29,648

    Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA): Security
    Windows Server 2003       13,645
    Windows 2000        4,786

    Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)     2,149,006



  • Certguard

    Recently I was reading Mitch’s blog and I saw a banner Ad for CertGruard but for whatever reason Mitch has it setup so that you can’t click through to the site. Anyways I searched his blog site and found this blog post.


    I have to agree with Mitch that I work hard for my certification that I do have and I plan on do so again for new ones that I’m working on now. That is why not to long ago, I reported to MS a few sites that where clearly “Guns for Hire” site.


    So take a look at Certguard, they can help you find legal training material.



    Here are some interesting stats from CertGuard.


    ·  Month-Year



    Test Centers


    Dump Sites

    Gunmen Sites

    June 2007






    July 2007














    So If you are certified be proud of it and protect yourself and your certification by reporting “brain dumps” and “Guns for Hire” sites.


    If you are not certified yet, then what is stopping you? Find a study group and get going!

  • Count of USB Controllers

    SELECT USB.Name0, Count(USB.Name0) AS 'Count'
    GROUP BY USB.Name0
  • Ottawa Windows Server User Group Newsletter

    Newsletter for

    August, 2007


    In this issue, you'll read:

    Upcoming User Group Meetings on Sept 11th

    Upcoming Study Group Meetings 70-620 Vista

    Are you interested in a Self-Study, Study Group?


    September 11th 2007 User Group Meeting
    Topic: Simplified Desktop Deployment for Small and Medium Businesses
    In this presentation, Mitch Garvis will demonstrate how businesses can leverage new deployment technologies in Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007 to simplify and standardize desktops in your environment.  Learn the basics of Light Touch Implementation and how it can benefit you, whether you are the in-house IT Pro for your company, or a consultant administering networks for your clients.
    Mitch Garvis holds numerous Microsoft certifications including MCSA, MCITP, MCDST, and MCTS. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and has been recognized for his community work with the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award.

    As founding president of the Montreal IT Professionals Community, Mitch learned both the value and rewards for helping his peers. After several years as a consultant and in-house IT professional for several companies in Montreal, he now works with InFront Consulting Group delivering training on behalf of Microsoft to its partners throughout the United States and Canada. He has also contributed to the creation of several exams for Microsoft Learning. Mitch is not married, has no kids, and has never been to Cleveland.

    Microsoft Canada Co.
    100 Queen Street Suite 500
    Ottawa, Ontario

    5:00 p.m.  Event registration
    5:30 p.m.  Presentation
    7:30 p.m.  Q & A
    8:00 p.m.  Door Prizes
    Notes: Pizza and Pop will be served, Please RSVP to help us order enough of both.


    Ottawa Windows Server User Group

    Fall 2007 Certification Study Session


    MCTS: Configuring


    Client (Exam 70-620)


    Interested in getting certified on Microsoft’s latest operating system?


    Join the OWSUG certification study group as we dive deep into the next generation Windows technology!


    Session runs Monday nights starting September 10th to December 10th & December 17th social event. 

    Cost $250, includes MS Press training kit book, exam voucher and contribution to December 17th social event. 

    10 positions remaining, first come first served - priority given to people serious about writing the exam before Christmas

    • All participants are expected to contribute to discussions and presentations
    • This is not a course

    Contact for info on how to sign up.


    Ottawa Windows Server User Group

    “Self-Study” Study group

    What is a “Self Study” study group? It is a group of people that study independently of each other but on a timetable. This allows each member to put aside the time that is convenient to them but give them the ultimate goal of joining all members on a weekend final study session. They will have access to a forum, where all study members can ask questions and post answers.

    Since this is a new idea, there is a lot still to be determined but the user group will help is a number of ways, if possible.

    -         Try to arrange discounts on training book

    -         Try to arrange discounts on exam vouchers

    -         Provide forums for use by the study group

    -         Help arrange for weekend final study session

    -         Help arrange a social event for the study group

    We are looking to try something new, are you interest in studying and passing any of the following exams?

    70-290 Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment

    70-291 Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows server 2003 Network infrastructure

    70-293 Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

    70-294 Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure

    70-431 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Implementation and Maintenance

    70-443 Designing a Database Server Infrastructure using Microsoft SQL Server 2005

    70-444 Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Administration Solution using Microsoft SQL Server 2005

    Are there other exams we should be looking at? Let us know.

    If you are interested please contact

    Links Web Site Mailing list Forums   Blog        




    Posted Aug 26 2007, 11:02 AM by Garth with 2 comment(s)
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  • Did you Know? - SMSCACHESIZE

    That SMSCACHESIZE ccmsetup commandline switch specifies the size of the temporary program download folder in MB or as a percentage when used with the PERCENTDISKSPACE or PERCENTFREEDISKSPACE properties. If this property is not set then the folder defaults to a maximum size of 5,120 MB.



    Posted Aug 25 2007, 12:41 PM by Garth with no comments
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  • Have you voted?

    Stolen from CanItPro Blog


    A few times a year the TechNet team travels across Canada delivering technical readiness sessions to IT professionals.  The tours are always focused around a particular theme, take the Core I|O Tour last fall which had branch office as a theme.  Going out for the Fall tour this year we are changing things up a bit and letting YOU vote on what YOU would like to see us come to your city and talk about.  We are hitting 10 cities across Canada in this tour on the following dates.




    October 11th

    St. John's

    October 16th


    October 18th

    Quebec City

    October 23rd


    October 25th


    October 30th


    November 1st


    November 6th


    November 8th


    November 20th

    Now there are a LOT of topics we could come and talk about, and with the diversity of the Canadian IT community we did have to narrow it down to a few specific themes.  The themes were picked from feedback we receive from various resources and there should be something for everyone in all of the themes.

    So now it is YOUR turn.  We await YOUR vote on what YOU want to see and learn about.  Go vote, sign up for the TechNet Flash to keep up to date with the voting results and register for the event in your city.  Do you want to know how to secure your environment?  Manage a collaborative work environment?  Or plan and test a disaster recovery plan?  Let us know!  We await your decision!

    I voted for Disaster Recovery. :-) I would have vote for something with ConfigMgr or MOM here there nothing this time.  L

    I guess that means I will have to do a presentation on ConfigMgr myself to the User Group.


  • Find all PC with Vista Video Requirements

    This query will find PCs with DirectX 9C, 128MB of Video RAM, and 32bit per pixel.

    SELECT  CS.Name0,
     v_GS_DirectX0 DX,
    WHERE  DX.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID
     AND VC.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID
     AND VC.AdapterRAM0 >= 130000
     AND VC.CurrentBitsPerPixel0>=32
     AND DX.Version0 like '4.09%'

  • Count of Video Card RAM.

    SELECT  VC.AdapterRAM0,
     Count(VC.AdapterRAM0) AS 'Count'
    GROUP BY VC.AdapterRAM0
  • Count of Video cards

    SELECT  VC.Name0,
     Count(VC.Name0) AS 'Count'
    GROUP BY VC.Name0
  • Find all single CPU PCs with a processor speed of less than 1800 by Collection.

    SELECT  Distinct
     v_FullCollectionMembership FCM
     CS.ResourceID = CPU.ResourceID
     AND CS.ResourceID = FCM.ResourceID
     AND CPU.REsourceID not IN (select ResourceID from v_GS_PROCESSOR CPU group by ResourceID having count(CPU.ResourceID) > 1)
     AND CPU.MaxClockSpeed0 < '1800'
     AND FCM.CollectionID = 'SMS00001'
  • LinkedIn and Facebook

    Recently, after I received many request to join, I finally succumbed and joined both LinkedIn and Facebook


    To view my public profile,





    On Face Book I am a member a few groups such as, myITForum, and MCSE/MCITP study group. And I just created a Facebook group too.


    Anyways feel free to add me to your Facebook or LinkedIN profile.


    BTW What does it mean when someone “Zombie, Vampire or Werewolf’s” you in Facebook?

  • Collection Name Settings: Advanced Tab

    Use the Collection Name Advanced tab of the Configuration Manager Collection Name Settings dialog box to specify restart notification and policy interval settings for resources within the selected collection.



    Using this option you can have different settings for different Collections.

    For example you could have Servers set to 15 minutes; local offices set to 20 minutes and have WAN PCs setup to use the default of 60 minutes before they check for policies.


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