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Garth Jones

September 2007 - Posts

  • Update - Stolen iMac turned in

    hummmm maybe this is not a bad idea. Smile [:)]



    "Last week a number of computers were stolen from our office in Vancouver, BC. One of those computers was a shared iMac with Flickrbooth, an app that automatically uploads photo booth shots to our flickr account, installed on it. Just this morning a friend called to tell us that there are photos of whoever has the computer now in our flickr stream! Obviously the guy didn't know he was uploading images of himself and his awesome tattoos. "

    Here's a link to the shots on the company's flickr account. Do you know who this guy is? The theft victims and the Vancouver police would love to hear about it. Looks like the SomethingAwful forums are all over the case, too.

    Update: A gem in the comments thread: "There should be a word for this, thinking you're getting away with something on the sly while the world laughs at you, anticipating your inevitable demise -- schadendouche?" [beatnik]

    And looks like there are more security cam photos of this man here, and video here.

    And a clarification: we don't know for a fact that the guy in these photos is the thief, that's for the legal system to decide. It is possible that he is simply an innocent new owner of a previously pilfered laptop or laptops.


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  • Stolen iMac turned in

    A man who attained instant infamy by unwittingly using a stolen computer to upload a shirtless self-portrait to the Internet has turned the machine over to police in Victoria.
    The tattooed man, whose photo has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times around the world and who suddenly found himself famous from Iceland to Brazil, walked into the Victoria police station with the stolen machine at about 4 p.m. Tuesday, said gt. Colin Brown.
    The man also contacted Global BC on Tuesday, telling the station he did not know the computer was stolen and that he had bought it from a friend who had bought it from someone else.
    At - a popular website where the photo surfaced on Monday - people were viewing the photo at a rate of about 90 hits per minute. By late Tuesday, it had been viewed more than 217,000 times.
    "It's pretty much worldwide. It's kind of hit everyone's radar," said Dane Brown, manager of Workspace.
    "This is all I've dealt with for the last two days, is calls and e-mails about this," he added.
    In Victoria, Brown would not give the tattooed man's name.
    "He wouldn't say anything," he told The Vancouver Sun in an interview. "He came in with his lawyer."
    Brown said the man was "known to police." He added that while no charges were laid on Tuesday, the matter is "certainly under investigation."
    Brown said the man's lawyer apparently saw the shirtless picture in a Victoria newspaper Tuesday and alerted his client.
    The machine - an Apple iMac with a built-in webcam - was stolen in the early morning hours of Sept. 19, Vancouver police spokesman Const. Howard Chow said.
    Chow said the computer, along with five others, was taken from Workspace, a Gastown company that provides work areas to independent professionals. He said Vancouver police investigators had been unable to get any fingerprints.
    Since the break-in, the managers of Workspace have taken images from the building's security camera and posted them to the Internet. They say the images - which show two men coming and going from the building, once with computers under their arms - are those of the men believed to have stolen their machines.
    Two shirtless images the man took of himself using one of the stolen machines were automatically up-loaded to the Internet.
    In the call to Global BC, he said he wanted to clear his name and that he has a legitimate day job as a bodyguard.
    He was apparently set to tape a formal interview, but cancelled at the last minute on the advice of his lawyer.
    At Workspace, Dane Brown couldn't have been happier.
    "It's awesome. It's exactly what we wanted," he said in an interview.
    Brown said he was curious to hear the full story from police, and was hopeful the man who turned the machine over will be able to help lead authorities to the five other missing computers.
    "Hopefully this guy can give us more information about when he got the computer and we can trace it," he said, explaining most of the machines belonged to the independent professionals who use his workspace.
    Before the computer was returned, the chief executive of a Vancouver-based computer recovery company was offering to help track the missing machine.
    "We can work with the police and get it back," Absolute Software Corp. CEO John Livingston said.
    "For us, recovering stolen computers is an everyday event," he added, explaining his company has technology that can communicate with missing machines, even if their hard drives have been completely wiped.



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  • Sector

    Looking for a grass roots technical Security conference to go to this year? 
    Sign up today for Security Education Conference Toronto ( Dubbed the ‘Black Hat of the North’, SecTor runs two full days, November 20 - 21. The event features Keynotes from North America's most respected and trusted experts.  Speakers are true security professionals with depth of understanding on topics that matter.  Many have never presented in Canada, and never all at one event! 

    Sign up before September 30th to save $100 use Discount Code OWSUG to save an additional 10% off.


  • October 17th 2007 User Group Meeting: You Tour – Data Security Tools for IT Professionals

    Upcoming UG Meetings

    October 17th 2007 User Group Meeting
    Topic:  You Tour – Data Security Tools for IT Professionals

    Over 700,000 laptops are reported stolen every year in North America.  Laptops sales are skyrocketing and laptops are replacing more and more business desktops.  Up to 80% of corporate data is stored on local drives.  Add this all up and data security becomes crucial for your workforce.
    Join us for this session as we discuss and demonstrate security guidance and tools to help protect the data on your XP and Vista desktop and laptop computers.  Topics to be covered include

    • Data Security Fundamentals
    • Data Security Best Practices
    • XP and Vista Security Guides
    • Microsoft Security Toolkits
    • XP and Vista Security Technologies

    Microsoft Canada Co.
    100 Queen Street Suite 500
    Ottawa, Ontario
    5:00 p.m.  Event registration
    5:30 p.m.  Presentation
    7:30 p.m.  Q & A
    8:00 p.m.  Door Prizes
    Notes:           Pizza and Pop will be served, Please RSVP to help us order enough of both.


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  • Hello!!! Anyone Home!!!

    I’m sure some of you are asking where has Garth been the last few days.. Well it is twofold, first I have been on training and secondly I’m getting ready to re-format my laptop again. This time I will install Vista Business and not Ultimate! Having a Windows Experience Index of 1.0 make Ultimate useless on my existing laptop.

    So maybe I should get a new laptop instead, so the question is which laptop should I go for?

    I like Laptop 2 (XPS - All the cool kids have one and they make the lights flash too) but  whatever reason Dell does not sell it with Vista Ultimate!?!?! However the solid state HD will be very nice!!!
    So do you think that my boss will let me buy either of them?

    Laptop 1

    Laptop 2


    Posted Sep 27 2007, 01:56 PM by Garth with 3 comment(s)
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  • PC Issues - Day 2

    I like Texas Hold'em! but not enough for me to keep this PC with Vista as I'm finding it way too slow! This PC even has 2 GB or RAM and new 7200 RPM HD! When it takes over 15 minutes to print out 10 PPT pages under Vista with Office 2007 and 3 minutes for the same pages in XP with Office 2003, there is a problem.

    I will have to either purchase a new PC or Re-install XP.

    And don’t get me start on this new security setup of vista. It is clear to me already that MS missed the boat on what security is really about.

    Posted Sep 23 2007, 11:53 PM by Garth with 1 comment(s)
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  • PC issues

    The other day I purchased a new monitor as I was tired of looking at my 17” monitor and trying to have two documents side by side.  So I order and received a new 22” monitor.  However shortly after installing it I started to see a flicker on the screen.  I found this to be very annoying!  So after finishing off the main deliverable for my current project I upgrade the drivers on my laptop.  Things when from bad to worse, so finally today I was trying to decide if I should upgrade my exist laptop`s HD or buy a new one.


    Well I purchase a new 7200 RPM 60 GB HD for my laptop and a USB case for the old HD. 


    So I have just finished upgrading my laptop to Vista Ultimate, Office 2007 and OneCare.  The biggest issue so far from the upgrade has been trying to find drivers for the video card, which I did eventually find. This will help me with the study group 70-620 Vista Config exam that I am a member of.


    I`m desperately trying to resist the urge to change Vista to `Classic mode` and I’m not sure that I like Word but I will give it a try. If I remember in a week I will post what I think about Vista, Office and OneCare.

    Posted Sep 22 2007, 06:06 PM by Garth with 1 comment(s)
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  • *** New *** ConfigMgr and SCOM certifications!!!!


    I'm still catching up on my blog reading and I ran across this tidbit. So book it into your calendar!


    Certifications for TSFKASMS+MOM


    That's right, I'm referring to certifications for Systems Center Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM) and Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM): the Systems Formerly Known As SMS and MOM.

    If you want to learn more about what these things do, you can visit some smart, helpful blog, like I often do.

    If you want to hear about certifications we are developing to help you validate/show your skills on Systems Center, you can attend this Live Meeting we are having on October 24. Rob Linsky (or "Slinky," as Spellchecker prefers to call him, our certification program manager) will give you the scoop on what these certs are all about and how to earn them. Click on these links to register for:

    In advance of that, I can tell you that we are developing two Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certs and a professional-series (MCITP) certification for Systems Center, all of which will be available in 2008 (January/February for MCTS; later for the MCITP).



  • 30 year high!

    The U.S. dollar traded at parity with the Canadian dollar today for the first since November 1976!!!! WOW...


    To read more about it, check out.

  • Transformer cosplay & More-on the iPhone

    I am a little behind on reading some of my RSS feeds, however I did find these GEMS this morning!


    Transformer cosplay



    More-on the iPhone




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  • And the Winner is...


    I found this last night while I was at the study group, I found this link.

    I’m not surprised that both CTE Solutions and Compugen are up for a few awards. CTE Solution is extremely helpful to the Ottawa Windows Server User Group and I know a number of the Compugen staff include Rod K. from Calgary and he is always will to help out within the SMS/ConfigMgr community and I know that he has even helped out the local user group with in Calgary too.

    Keep your finger crossed.


    Learning Solution of the Year


    HiTech Institute / Dynexa

    Nexient Learning Inc.


    Advanced Infrastructure Solution of the Year


    Dell Canada

    KOM Networks, Inc.


    Licensing or Software Asset Management Solution of the Year





    Marketing Innovation Award – Enterprise


    Dell Canada




  • MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-620): Configuring Windows Vista Client comments and corrections

    MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-620): Configuring Windows Vista Client comments and corrections

  • Inside joke of the day

    Well I like many other have finally joined facebook, well I went looking for a friend of mine who is a teacher at a local school. He teaches History, Law and Rugby.

    Anyways some of his students have created a facebook group for him, “Everything I learned, I learned from Pat Easton”

    One of the stories that he would tell us over drinks is how he would read cereal box labels to his students at detention. I was never quite sure if he was telling the trurt or not but I always got a giggle out of the story. Well it is true.. Check out the facebook post.


    I will have to ask him about this one!!!!



    I can answer this story but I’m not sure that I want to. Devil [6]


  • microsoft.public.sms.inventory Answer

  • microsoft.public.sms.inventory

     CS.Name0 = @compname
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