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  • Coffee and code (latte and lan)

    I got this note this morning that you will find interesting. BTW It is happening April 7th between 8am and 4 pm, I will be there from 2ish on, before I go to the user Group event that night, which starts at 5:30! From: Pierre Roman To: Garth Jones Subject: Coffee and code (latte and lan) Hey Garth, As...
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 04-03-2009
  • How user group events can make a difference!

    Do you go to User Group event? Have you gone out for pints afterwards? Did you know some of the best idea come from the informal after events? Here is a case and point of how a few people (and yes there was woman there too!) can brainstorm and come up with an idea that helps everyone. “Security Bulletins...
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 03-28-2009
  • Microsoft Skills Week

    Hi Everyone I just got a email from the team at CTE. They want to give the OWSUG first crack at their Microsoft Skills Week sessions! Below are the details! We've found what you're looking for... During the week of April 14th-17th we'll be hosting a Microsoft Skills Week in Ottawa and you're...
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 03-16-2009
  • EnergizeIT 2009: From the Client to the Cloud - Learn What's Possible!

    Hello Canadian IT Pros and Developers, Current economic realities are putting pressure on all of us to utilize technology in new ways. From increasing productivity, reducing costs, and providing clear benefit to the business, each of you play a key role in making this real. Your ability to understand...
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 02-19-2009
  • Obama and event tonight

    YES!!! event is still on! ( I had to answer this question a few times today!) If you are really lucky you will spot Obama on your way to the event! Keep in mind that there are road closure and give yourself a bit more time to get to the MS office tonight. Also keep in mind that the main doors...
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 02-19-2009
  • February 19th 2009 User Group Meeting

    Topic: Asked your Peers! Description: Have you ever wanted to know, How to deploy Windows 7 easily? or How do I setup my physical server to maximise the number of hyper-v virtual machines? Well this is your chance to ask the burning questions that you have! If those questions above are not to your liking...
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 02-13-2009
  • Drinking Game?

    This week I was introduced to a new drinking game. In this game you take a drink each time you see Susan Ibach (from our friend at CTE Solutions ) within this Video . I Love Learning Ok it is not really a drink game but it is a cool video. If you ever meet Susan ask her to tell you the story behind this...
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 01-29-2009
  • myITForum Donation

    With the start of a new year, it is that time again to support the System Management Community, with that in mind I have made my yearly donation to MyITForum (MIF). Why do I do it? Well as a User Group leader for , I know how much it cost to host a small user group community. OWSUG is extremely...
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 01-08-2009
  • Congratulation to Brad the OpsMgr MVP!

    Congratulation go out to Brad Bird, the VP of and study group leader for being awarded an MVP for OpsMgr. Brad has been working hard with the OWSUG to help the community grow. Without his help the study groups would still be struggling.
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 01-01-2009
  • 1st Anniversary

    Well today is 1 st anniversary of me taking steps to upgrade my certifications to Windows 2003 / Windows 2008. As many of you know I have blog about my experiences with all the exams. So this blog post is designed to talk about a few things. Which exam I write and pass? Which certifications did I achieve...
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 12-11-2008
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