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  • How to find out about User Groups within Canada!

    Have you ever wonder if there is a User group in your area? Why not find out! If you do find a user group within your area, why not volunteer, most user group are always looking for people to help out. They are always looking for...
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 01-07-2007
  • Did you know… (update)

    So far one MS tech has reviewed my case and after me pointing him in the right direction, he has sent the case off to be reassigned so someone who know about SMS and its SDK. That was yesterday evening, so far today nothing.
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 01-05-2007
  • What hot fixes have been updated in the last month?

    Use this SQL query to find all Hot fixes update within ITMU in the last month. SELECT Distinct v_GS_PATCHSTATEEX.ID0 as ' ID', v_GS_PATCHSTATEEX.Product0 as 'Product', v_GS_PATCHSTATEEX.QNumbers0 as 'KB #', v_GS_PATCHSTATEEX.Title0 as 'Title' FROM v_GS_PATCHSTATEEX v_GS_PATCHSTATEEX WHERE datediff(MM...
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 01-03-2007
  • Vista SQL Queries

    I have created a few SQL queries to help determine the cost of deploying Vista based on the current SMS inventory. Vista upgrade and deployment This SQL query will help you determine the cost of upgrading and deploying Vista, using the SMS database. Vista Planning Query This SQL query will help you determine...
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 01-02-2007
  • My first blog on

    This is my first Blog on site. Watch for more blogs about SMS, MOM, SQL Queries, etc.
    Posted to Garth Jones (Weblog) by Garth on 01-02-2007
  • Microsoft Management Summit 2007

    Registration is now open:
    Posted to Mark Carriere (Weblog) by Mark on 11-09-2006
  • New ITMU coming in November

    In November 2006, a new version of the Microsoft Windows Update (WU) offline scan file is being released. This new offline scan file will be available in addition to the existing WU offline scan file, The new offline scan file,, has a new format. You must update any scanning...
    Posted to Mark Carriere (Weblog) by Mark on 10-12-2006
  • Changes to the file

    The file has grown with each new security release. After August 8, 2006, the files that are contained in this file have approached the maximum for a single CAB file. Therefore, Microsoft is reducing the size of the file by removing security updates for unsupported platforms...
    Posted to Mark Carriere (Weblog) by Mark on 10-10-2006
  • Patching in your environment

    I've just finished a meeting where someone stated that it is becoming the norm for companies to use both the SMS ITMU, and WSUS as their patching strategy. And in fact they said that they use WSUS primarily for patching servers due to its "ease of use", i.e "it's easier to use then the ITMU". Personally...
    Posted to Mark Carriere (Weblog) by Mark on 07-12-2006
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